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Random sentence starter

Look at the random sentence starter above. Your task is to continue the story for at least another 5 sentences. Can you build suspense by using short sentences? Can you use higher level sentence starters? As an extra challenge can you write the whole story instead of stopping at 5 sentences? I look forward to reading your replies.

Good luck

Mrs Hetherington

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  1. Bobbi May Pickering says:

    The robot was out of control, we didn’t know what to think,all of the experiments led up to this…..We couldn’t believe it! Eventually we tried one more thing, to take it apart. This was upsetting although it needed to be done. While we were breaking it I felt a sudden ting in my stomach, I took a break and fell unconscious. My friend Ava Helped me into hospital,I had cancer….

  2. Mrs Hetherington says:

    This was exciting to read Bobbi-May! I liked the way you seemed to be attached to the robot in your story and that it was a sad time for you to be taking it apart – an interesting and unusual twist!
    Well done for being the first person in Class 4 to write their comments on our new blog 🙂

  3. Oliver Curtis says:

    The robot was out of control we didn’t know what to do.Then me and Cai tried to take it apart but it just went crazy.We tried to chase it down but the robot was too fast but then it slowed down so me and Cai took it to bits. Eventually when we took it apart it became nice.

  4. Summer Edmondson says:

    The robot was out of control, we didn’t know what mischief it could get in to.One day two girls called Sarah and Elicia where going to a Christmas party and they found the robot running around with a girl robot,Elicia shouted “look there’s two robots over there!?”so she ran as quick as a flash. then she realised who the girl robot was.It was Emma dressed like a pink glittery robot! So she threw a pickle at the robot then the robot stopped working.

  5. Summer Edmondson says:

    I thought it was good too Bobbie but the ending made me cry!

  6. Mrs Hetherington says:

    Great work Oliver. It sounds like you and Cai saved the day!

  7. Mrs Hetherington says:

    An interesting response Summer. I wonder what Emma will say when she finds out?! Excellent use of exciting punctuation.

  8. Faith Tagg says:

    The robot was out of control year 4 didn’t know what to do.One morning Faith brought a robot in .Mrs Hetherington had something in mind to use Faith’s robot to fix the other robot.Faith thought that would work.So they did that plan .But Faith’s robot just made it worse ”oh no you just made it worse robot”said Faith.The next day they put him in the bin year 4 were very ,very ,very, very upset.Then he died.

  9. Anya Tagg says:

    The robot was making a mess of the class room Anya was trying to sort it out but it was hard.I was livid because the robot ripped my homework and I didn’t like it at all.Then Mrs Hetherrington said you try your best with robot but we have to chop it in half I was very upset then he died.

  10. Mrs Hetherington says:

    This was a great idea Faith! It was a shame that the plan didn’t work in the end.

  11. Mrs Hetherington says:

    Great use of the word ‘livid’ Anya. What shame he couldn’t be saved in the end.

  12. The green robot was out of control but year four didn’t know what the problem was…. Mrs Hetherington. But in the end Year four solved the big problem all together.

  13. Mrs Hetherington says:

    I wonder what they did to solve the big problem Jamie-Leigh?

  14. Eamon Fillary says:

    the robot was out of control we didn’t have any idea how this happend .Me and Paco built it to be perfect around humans it could not be taken apart because we welded it together .Apart from the head,oh yes the head there is a slat to take it apart! we ran to the robot … IT HAD A KNIFE!!!!??? It stabbed me in the chest i took the pain and got Oliver ,Cai,Gerrad and Elliot . I pretended I was dead, the robot walked off Cai and the others distracted it then i burnt off the hatch and controlled its circuts and it was nice as ever . thank the heavens it helped me get better from that stab wound

  15. Oliver Curtis says:

    Well done anya that was some good ideas about the robot it looks like you saved the day.

  16. Eamon Fillary says:

    yeah good point you really left it off on a cliffhanger

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