Class 4 homework due 15.12.17

Your task for this week is to write a quick story based on the photo below.

Describe what happened before this picture was taken, while the picture was being taken and then describe what happened after the picture was taken. Your story needs to be at least 2 paragraphs long.

I look forward to reading your stories! Remember to try and make them as interesting and exciting as possible. We will share the stories on the blog together in class.

Mrs Hetherington

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71 Responses to Class 4 homework due 15.12.17

  1. Michael Powell says:

    Santa Claus is on top of a chimney because he wants to put presents down the chimney for some children. Then he found some milk and cookies for him to eat and drink Suddenly he fell down the chimney as he tried to grab them. Santas belly got stuck in the chimney. He tried to pull himself out but he couldn’t so he called the reindeers and they were really strong. They all pulled and Santa went flying up into sky because they were so strong. Santa landed into a house and he woke the children up and they came downstairs so Santa hid behind the christmas tree until they went to bed.

  2. Anya Tagg says:

    Once apone a time there was santa ???? in the dark night it was so dusty that he could not see at all and Rudolph he was out of control . Rudolph trips up by mount Everest and he falls into a chimney.

  3. Elyse Hayman says:

    Father Christmas was trying to deliverer the presents. After he went down the chimney but he got stuck, because he ate to much food before he deliverer the presents to the children’s. Suddenly he got un stuck and went down the chimney and ate the mince pies and a carrot for Rudolf and drink of milk.

    After Father Christmas had finished delivering the presents for all the children around the world he went back to the North Pole and have a long sleep for next Christmas.

    • Mrs Hetherington says:

      Great work Elyse. Lovely use of detail. Remember if your writing is in the past tense then the verb should be ‘had’ and not ‘have’
      Well done
      Mrs Hetherington

  4. Faith Tagg says:

    One morning all of the children were on their holidays because the school was getting built on that week the school nearly got done.On Tuesday Mrs Tadman wanted to see the new school she thought it was getting ready to be able to be seen.The next morning all of the children were back in school they did a lot of tests maths and they did a new lesson .Then suddenly at break time everyone saw santa they were all happy Santa was upside down in the school chimney that was so funny.Everyone ran inside and they told their teachers.

    The teachers were also wondering what time Santa got there. They were thinking and thinking and asked Mrs Tadman. She knew santa was only a big balloon everyone was disappointed they wanted to get some presents.

    • Mrs Hetherington says:

      Great work Faith. I can just imagine everyone was disappointed! Careful with your use of ‘there’ – i’ve edited them to ‘their’.
      Well done,
      Mrs Hetherington

  5. Isabelle haycock says:

    On Christmas Eve santa was out on his sleigh delivering fantastic presents.Then he got his scroll out of his pocket and opened it.He checked who to go to next.After that he went to a house and glided onto the roof.As he was walking gracefully over to the chimney,He leant over it to go down,but he got stuck…

    He shouted for help but nobody came.So he slept there all night until somebody found him.In the morning two little girls were playing in the living room.

    When he heard the little girls playing he shouted for help again.The two little girls heard him and then they both looked into the chimney and saw him.Then they shouted their mum to look.So they asked santa if he needed some help and he said yes.So they helped him out.When he was out he gave the two little girls a present each and their mum and dad.

  6. Gabriele says:

    Santa was dilivering children’s gifts he didn’t want to wake the children up so he diced to tip toe to the cimeny suddenly he sliped on the icey snow and fell inside it.
    When the elf found out that santa was stuck he quickly ran to him and pulled him out.

    Then santa got the presents out of the sleigh and used a magic key to get inside so he didn’t slip and get stuck again.He put the presents under the tree ate his milk and cookies and collected the carrot for Rudolf .After he had fed the carrot to Rudolf he got on his sleigh and went back to the north pole he got greeted by Mrs clause and waited until next christmas.

  7. Eamon Fillary says:

    Once Santa was flying with Rudolph,Prancer,Dancer,Comet and Dasher happily as ever.They were delivering presets in all shapes and sizes as they do every year ,when two kids named Alex (who has a terrible heart disease ) and Zack (who had anachaphobia ) actually saw Santa . In pure excitement they rushed downstairs to tell their mother “MUM WE SAW SANTA, COME LOOK” their mum said sarcastically “Did you now,lets go upstairs and back to bed” santa landed at their house . By now they were asleep he leaped in as if he was a professonal swimmer but he was to obese(he probably shouldn’t eat all those cookies) . He was stuck ,Rudolph was laughing his head off. All the other reindeers were trying to push him in.After about an hour later he finally got his bottom half into the house!He put the triangle,square and rectangle presents. He got on the sleigh and back to the north pole with mrs claus.

    • Mrs Hetherington says:

      Great work Eamon. Lovely use of brackets for extra information. Remember to use the word ‘too’ instead of ‘to’ if it means excessively.
      Well done
      Mrs Hetherington

  8. Oliver Curtis says:

    It’s Christmas eve and all children are in bed. Father christmas is riding in his sleigh ready to deliver all the presents. It’s snowing outside. He land his sleigh on the roof of a house it’s very slippy on the roof as santa gets out of his sleigh he slips and falls down the chimney getting stuck on the way.

    He wriggles to try get free but to no avail, he finds his mobile phone and rings the elfs for help. Buddy the elf comes to the rescue and pulls Farther Christmas free from the chimney. Once free Father Christmas and Buddy go deliver all the presents. Then went back to the North Pole and santa had to get a bath bexcuse he was full of soot. He found some soot indetween his toes and washed it away.

  9. Jamie-leigh mainprize says:

    Santa was delivering presents to children when he slipped and got stuck in the chimney from having too many mince pies from delivering presents to other children beforehand.
    He shouted for his chief elf and reindeers to help him. They pulled and pulled until he was free and then he continues delivering presents to other children .

  10. Ava says:

    It was Christmas Eve Santa was delivering all the presents. He brought Rudolf with his big shiny nose to help him see because it was a very dark night.

    He visited a lot of houses that night and ate a lot of mince pies, his tummy got bigger and bigger he ended up getting stuck in somebody’s chimney. But Rudolf got his antlers and pulled him out.

  11. cai coyne says:

    that was really good ava

  12. eamon fillary says:

    good ideas Ava ,but why does santa have antlers

  13. Lucy Murphy clubley says:

    one day father Christmas was delivering presents and he fell over upside down. He woke all the children up and the parents .They were mad they felt like shouting. So they did and woke up the whole neighborhood Everybody came knocking on the door so did the children.

    The next day everybody was saying sorry for what they did.Then they celebrated by having a party it was really fun .After that he got on his sleigh and went away with ruloph.

  14. Harvey Rycroft says:

    It was christmas eve and he went to a lot of houses but then santa got stuck and he was stuck for 10 hours.

    Rudolf tried to pull him out but he was too heavy to lift so he got more riders to pull santa out and santa got out.

  15. AXEL says:

    Once upon a time Santa was stuck in the chimney because he was too enormous to fit in it and he had too many presents on his back because he had lots of houses to go to deliver the presents to kids. Because they have been on the good list and they have been good and he was rushing to deliver then to the kids and if he didnt deliver them they will be sad .

  16. caylem molyneux says:

    Once apon a time there lived a man called Santa Claus he comes every day. Santa got stuck in a chimney no one came to help. 3 weeks later Santa is still in the chimney but someone came to help his name was Caylem he tried to pull Santa out and he did.

    Aftar that he was getting ready for Christmas eve but one person was not a sleep it was Rowan and he didn,t give him any.

    the end

  17. Robbie says:

    Once upon a time santa got stuck in the chimney because he was to big to fit in the chimney and he had a big bag of toys and because he was to big to fit in the chimney he was in a rush to deliver the toys to the little children.

  18. Rhianna Blewitt says:

    Farther Christmas got stuck in the chimney because he was leaning on the side of the fence he falling in as he was trying to hang the peasants out at the night he was stuck here until the morning.

    He went fast to sleep at the night and he had a idea to call one his but they didn’t answer
    He had no clue what to do he tried and tried to get out but still couldn’t he wanted some

  19. warren says:

    Santa was in his slay and one of the reindeer wobbled and he fell out. but one sack of his .presents came down but his slay was gone so he just had to walk instead it took ages .Untill he got stuck in a chimney he couldn’t get out until he heard a sound, he thought it was his slay but it wasn’t but it actually was he asked the readies and it worked Santa was back.

  20. cai coyne says:

    Once upon a time i lived neer my school it was called new pasture lane school all my class and teachers put some milk and cookies out for Santa and we put six carrots out for the reindeer’s so they wouldn’t get tired when they was flying. I woke up in the the night and i looked at my school and santa went through the roof!

  21. Harley Nicholls says:

    Santa was flying across the sky but suddenly he slipped out of his slay and fell into a deep black chimney and he was suck he called for help but no one heard him he was sad he could not get out because he was chubby

    Then Rudolf had to help him get out of the chimney it took a while toget him out because he was chubby then he nearly got out but Rudolf went to McDonald for a cheese burger then he was finished so he pulled with all his strengths and finally he was out

  22. Once a pona time there was a boy called gack it was christmas night he wished he was santa . jack his chimeny was small santa got stuck in the chimey and… he died and jack came santa and he diliverd all the presints just in time they end.

  23. paco says:

    Once apon a time Santa was delivering presents on Christmas day all the children was to exited to sleep but he got stuck in a chimney and he couldn’t get out he called for help. someone came but they couldn’t get him out they had a idea.

    They climbed up and pored oil in the chimney and Santa slowly slide down the chimney. And Santa was saved the end.

  24. William clay wood says:

    Santa fell of a roof aw that heart hohoho oh no what time i beter hery up come on lets go pransa go danca rodolf gogogo ho lets go aw i fell said Santa i landad in a chimney
    lets go dawn said Santa presats said Santa all the children was sleeping in bed
    time is tiking beter get going myty.

  25. Gerrard Anthony says:

    One Day I (Gerrard) was going outside with my brother (addison) and we was going to play with the snow but suddenly (CrAsH!!!!) ALL THE SNOW WENT TUMBULING DOWN. We got stuck in the snow then we heard a voice “mmmmmm” we thought it was grumbling of my belly but it was santa he said help because he got stuck “help my raindear shaked me off help SO then we got are dad to save santa
    The End

  26. Rowan Richardson says:

    Santa was out delivering presents. He had drunk to much wine and eaten too many mince pies so at his next house he went head first into the chimney and he got stuck. He had to shout the reindeer to help him out. when he got there he threw the presents down the chimney.

  27. Bobbi Pickering says:

    Santa’s reindeers have left Santa alone,without any Christmas magic! This means its hard to get get down the chimney, Santa doubted going down the chimney and going through the door. But it was way more fun going down the chimney! The sleigh wasn’t working either so he had to sneak around, he found a old ladder laying on the ground.

    He grabbed the ladder and placed it upon a house wall to climb up.Santa, being the big belly he is, struggled going up.Eventually he made it to the top,he saw his REINDEERS.
    Rudolph pushed Santa down the chimney and couldn’t get out, luckily comet was good and helped him.What naughty reindeers!

  28. Tenika Skitt says:

    One day Santa came down the chimney he got stuck in the chimney and he fell down and he had an idea to call his elf to come and help Santa out of the chimney

  29. Harvey says:

    Santa was out delivering presents to boys and girls . He landed on my house. Santa tried to go down the chimney to get his cookies and milk. He the chim

  30. Summer Edmondson says:

    Santa was going home to the North Pole but instead he flew out. He went into the chimney and the ambulance came. After 11hours he was aloud the raindears to go and see him. Rudolph pooped on the floor.

    Santa was aloud to go home after 23 days in hospital Santa was aloud to go home. The raindears made a surprise for Santa.Then Santa ran outside then he saw a brand-new sled. The raindears where already ready for Santa. Then they went to the North Pole.

  31. Lucy says:

    Anya I like your animation

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