Nature Friendly Schools BLOG Edition 2.

Hello again my name is Wildlife Will and welcome to my BLOG again. Now then, the past few weeks have seen the weather around school not really know whether it’s too hot or too cold. I’ve taken my jumper off lots in my classroom to make make self comfortable more times than I can ever imagine. This week has been really great for our Nature Friendly Schools(NFS) programme , as today Y5 and 6 planted well over 60 trees native to the UK in a patch of land which borders our new Y5 @nplschool meadow. This has all been part of National Tree Week.  

It will take them all a few years to reach their full potential when they will provide ample shade an protection from the worst of winters.

Our weather station has been with us for a few weeks now and children nominated as ‘weather watchers’ for the week complete a daily observation from both the readings and outside school which is written down into a log. As a class we’ve begun to learn the names of clouds, what they look like and how high they form such as  stratus, cumulus and cirrus. A busy time for all . My next Blog will be looking at what we’ve been doing to support the wildlife around school at the moment.

This is Wildlife signing out for now.

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