Wildlife Will – Edition 6.

Hi everyone! ?

I’m super excited to share the awesome adventures we’ve been having in our brand-new polytunnel this autumn. It’s like our very own secret garden right here at school!

So, let’s spill the beans on what’s been happening in our amazing polytunnel.

  1. Cosy Comfy Corners: We’ve set up a comfy little corner. It’s the perfect spot to read a spooky book or just relax and enjoy the autumn vibes. The soft sunlight filtering through the polytunnel makes it extra cosy.
  2. Leafy Kaleidoscope: The leaves outside are changing colours, and we’ve been collecting some of the most beautiful ones. Gardening Club have made a stunning leaf display inside the polytunnel that looks like a kaleidoscope of autumn hues.
  3. Learning About Nature: Our teachers have been teaching us all about the changes that happen in autumn. We’ve been studying the lifecycle of plants, the migration of birds, and how animals prepare for the colder months.
  4. Weather Watchers: Autumn brings different weather patterns, and we’ve been observing and documenting them using our Y5 weather station. It’s fun to note the changes in temperature, rainfall, and the way the wind moves the leaves.
  5. Harvesting Delicious Veggies: We’ve also been harvesting some delicious veggies like carrots, broccoli, and radishes. It’s so cool to see the fruits of our labour and enjoy the tasty treats straight from our own polytunnel.

Our polytunnel has become our little autumn paradise, where we can learn, grow, and have a ton of fun. I can’t wait to see what winter will bring in here! Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting school garden adventures. ??

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