Wildlife Will Edition 5

Autumn Watch

Hello everyone it’s Wildlife Will again @nplschool and things have begun to change rapidly around school as Autumn has set in and Winter is beginning to approach.

Temperatures are becoming cooler around school  and the leaves are beginning to change their colour and everything become more colourful. Plants begin to throw their seeds on the ground or into the  winds and animals can eat them or catch them on their fur for preparation for the winter period. The wildlife meadow is overgrown and the fairy garden is preparing for its Winter sleep. Autumn is also harvest time as farmers and gardeners collect apples, pears and other different crops. Days become shorter and nights longer. Also the moon is brighter in this period of year and also some new stars can be visible. If you get the chance have a closer look at these  which tell you that Autumn is really with us.

Talk soon and next time I’ll tell you more about our latest arrival our new polytunnel.


Wildlife Will -(now Y6)

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