Wildlife Will – Edition 6.

Hi everyone! ?

I’m super excited to share the awesome adventures we’ve been having in our brand-new polytunnel this autumn. It’s like our very own secret garden right here at school!

So, let’s spill the beans on what’s been happening in our amazing polytunnel.

  1. Cosy Comfy Corners: We’ve set up a comfy little corner. It’s the perfect spot to read a spooky book or just relax and enjoy the autumn vibes. The soft sunlight filtering through the polytunnel makes it extra cosy.
  2. Leafy Kaleidoscope: The leaves outside are changing colours, and we’ve been collecting some of the most beautiful ones. Gardening Club have made a stunning leaf display inside the polytunnel that looks like a kaleidoscope of autumn hues.
  3. Learning About Nature: Our teachers have been teaching us all about the changes that happen in autumn. We’ve been studying the lifecycle of plants, the migration of birds, and how animals prepare for the colder months.
  4. Weather Watchers: Autumn brings different weather patterns, and we’ve been observing and documenting them using our Y5 weather station. It’s fun to note the changes in temperature, rainfall, and the way the wind moves the leaves.
  5. Harvesting Delicious Veggies: We’ve also been harvesting some delicious veggies like carrots, broccoli, and radishes. It’s so cool to see the fruits of our labour and enjoy the tasty treats straight from our own polytunnel.

Our polytunnel has become our little autumn paradise, where we can learn, grow, and have a ton of fun. I can’t wait to see what winter will bring in here! Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting school garden adventures. ??

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Wildlife Will Edition 5

Autumn Watch

Hello everyone it’s Wildlife Will again @nplschool and things have begun to change rapidly around school as Autumn has set in and Winter is beginning to approach.

Temperatures are becoming cooler around school  and the leaves are beginning to change their colour and everything become more colourful. Plants begin to throw their seeds on the ground or into the  winds and animals can eat them or catch them on their fur for preparation for the winter period. The wildlife meadow is overgrown and the fairy garden is preparing for its Winter sleep. Autumn is also harvest time as farmers and gardeners collect apples, pears and other different crops. Days become shorter and nights longer. Also the moon is brighter in this period of year and also some new stars can be visible. If you get the chance have a closer look at these  which tell you that Autumn is really with us.

Talk soon and next time I’ll tell you more about our latest arrival our new polytunnel.


Wildlife Will -(now Y6)

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Wildlife Will Blog Edition 4

Hi everyone this is Wildlife Will again.

For some strange reason as things are getting warmer and  everything is beginning to happen again around school. Our birdfeeders seem to be filled every couple of days now as the local birds are ravenous. The gardening club has begun their Spring cleaning: tidying and weeding garden beds including the fairy garden and meadow. Weather watchers in Y5 eagerly perform their lunchtime observation and their feedback is that it’s pretty dry on the East coast at the moment. We’re also looking forward to a visit from the people from NatCen  who are travelling up to Bridlington (all the way from London) this coming Thursday to check out how our work with Nature Friendly Schools is going. Last week a group of Y5 pupils from @nplschool also visited our NFS partner school Burlington Junior School as part of a special ‘tree planting’ award ceremony. All the good and great from Bridlington attended the event including the Mayor of Bridlington Councillor Liam Dealtry.  The groups planted trees and then found time to mix and socialise. Everyone said that time flew by and they had great fun.

Speak soon


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Wildlife Will

Hello again my name is Wildlife Will and welcome to my 2022 BLOG again.

Now that the weather is starting to improve and the days are getting lighter @nplschool our gardening club has been concentrating on the birds that visit our school. Next week the ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’ begins when you can count the birds you see in your garden, from your balcony or in your local park for one hour between 28 and 30 January 2022. So we’ve been busily filling the birdfeeders that surround the school and they’ve been flocking in to feed. Mrs Hickingbottom,who is our outdoor expert told me that “this is the set up week, but we’re going to complete a 30 minute birdwatch during the week .” Everyone has also been checking the bird posters in class ,so that they’ll be able to identify the different type during the week more easily.


This is Wildlife Will signing out.

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Nature Friendly Schools BLOG Edition 2.

Hello again my name is Wildlife Will and welcome to my BLOG again. Now then, the past few weeks have seen the weather around school not really know whether it’s too hot or too cold. I’ve taken my jumper off lots in my classroom to make make self comfortable more times than I can ever imagine. This week has been really great for our Nature Friendly Schools(NFS) programme , as today Y5 and 6 planted well over 60 trees native to the UK in a patch of land which borders our new Y5 @nplschool meadow. This has all been part of National Tree Week.  

It will take them all a few years to reach their full potential when they will provide ample shade an protection from the worst of winters.

Our weather station has been with us for a few weeks now and children nominated as ‘weather watchers’ for the week complete a daily observation from both the readings and outside school which is written down into a log. As a class we’ve begun to learn the names of clouds, what they look like and how high they form such as  stratus, cumulus and cirrus. A busy time for all . My next Blog will be looking at what we’ve been doing to support the wildlife around school at the moment.

This is Wildlife signing out for now.

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Nature Friendly Schools BLOG Edition 1.

The past couple of weeks have been very busy @nplschool, so we plan to update our BLOG on a regular basis to keep you all well informed about the Nature Friendly activities around school.


This week we began to record data in Y5 from a snazzy instrument called a ‘DAVIS Vantage Vue ‘ weather station(more how it works in the future). Each week a couple of pupils in Y5 become weather watchers and make observations onto a log sheet recording data such as: outside air temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure as well as windspeed and direction.


We also started to map out the wildlife meadow area, it’s only draft now ,but things are going steady.


Gardening club collected leaves on Monday after school which they pressed into books and will use them to create bookmarks.


Take Care

Wildlife Will




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Nature Friendly Schools updates from Y5 will follow soon.


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Welcome to Year 4

A quick question to for Y4 from Mr Coleman.

What would you rather give up chocolate or crisps?

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Class 4 homework due 26.01.18

Your homework is to look at both the pictures below. Your task is to try and work out which is the odd one out in each picture. After stating which is the odd one out in each picture you then need to explain why you have come to that answer.

Remember that this is your opinion so it doesn’t matter what the person before you wrote. It’s your answer and reasoning that i’m interested in. I look forward to reading your responses – good luck!

Which is the odd one out in each picture and why?

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Class 4 homework due 15.12.17

Your task for this week is to write a quick story based on the photo below.

Describe what happened before this picture was taken, while the picture was being taken and then describe what happened after the picture was taken. Your story needs to be at least 2 paragraphs long.

I look forward to reading your stories! Remember to try and make them as interesting and exciting as possible. We will share the stories on the blog together in class.

Mrs Hetherington

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